Womb Healing, The Dark Feminine & Money with Caprisha Richards

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I'm so excited today, we have Capricia Richards with us. She is a breakthrough and sensuality coach for high performing women. She helps CEOs break through to their next level with deep holistic and sensuality practices, so that they can live a life of more ease and flow.

In this blog we cover: 




Womb Healing

I know something that you help people with is womb healing. Could you speak more into that a little bit? What does that mean and what does that look like? I'm just sure that there's so many people that are going to be like, “Oh, my gosh, I need this.


Caprisha: As women, most of our wounds and our traumas are actually stuck inside of our womb space. So when we aren't really connected to our sacral, our sexuality, all of that trauma’s just sitting there. All of these things are very subconscious, we don't realize that they’re actually playing a role in the moves that we make in our day to day lives.

And so, in my coaching practice, I really focus on helping women to tap back into that space. It's so healing because we haven't really been taught to connect with that part of ourselves. We've been taught, you only go down there when you're having sex, and then that's it. Helping women to have this connection with that part of themselves every single day is so, so rewarding.


Rachael: So beautiful. It's been about a year and a half now, since I started to tap into my womb magick. I'm doing a woman circle with one of my dear friends Julia (@soul.stone.studio) who does some work around this as well. I was taught about connecting with the different aspects of my cycle, connecting with the energy that I embody in these different seasons and learning to tap into the magick that each of those seasons hold. Working with them instead of feeling confused about my body or confused about why I feel a certain way.

More and more people are starting to realize that sexual energy is creation energy, and that they're synonymous with one another. You're able to use this potent energy that we all have access to, to manifest, to create, to heal, to evolve. 


Caprisha: Something I've realized in my coaching practices, a lot of women have gone through certain programs that more so promote, how to have an orgasm, using vibrators and the crystal wands, and all these different things.

What I realized is a lot of women aren't used to holding pleasure in their bodies, and using it for themselves, they're so used to just rubbing it out and getting it out, having sex just to get that out of their body. We're not used to sitting in pleasure for long periods of time.

And so one thing that I teach my clients is to actually run that orgasmic energy through their own bodies, and use that power towards their own manifestations without needing to have sex to get it out.


Rachael: That’s so beautiful and powerful. And like you said, so many of us aren't used to holding pleasure in our body.


The Dark Feminine


You share a lot about the light and dark feminine. I'm curious if you could go into what those archetypes are, and how we actually start working with them?


Caprisha: Dark feminine energy is my jam. And here's why, dark feminine energy is actually our most unfiltered, unprogrammed parts of ourselves. To actually tap into your dark feminine energy, it's actually about unbecoming. It's an unlearning process.

Tapping into your dark feminine energy connects you to getting out of being the nice girl, holding boundaries from this place of self love, and just being in this like Queen, regal energy, because you deeply love you.

From that space, you get to love and appreciate everything else. With the dark feminine energy, a lot of times people think it's all about wearing black and red lipstick, but it's more of this energy of groundedness, I've taken off the mask, I don't feel the need to perform anymore. I'm just me. I get to have everything that I desire.

I'm believing in that energy fully running through your body. And from that space, what that looks like is the light, feminine energy. You get to be in the light, feminine energy when there's no worry in your body.The dark has to come first. 


Rachael: Powerful. Yeah, it's a shadow work process of not shoving those parts in the closet, but actually inviting them out to play and to work with them to create something new.

So I just love how you said that. It's really about the embodiment of the dark that allows the space for the light to really shine through.


Sensuality & Pleasure in Business


We talked a little bit about pleasure, and I'd love for us to kind of dive into that a little bit more as well. When it comes to sensuality and pleasure, why are they so important to work with in our business?


Caprisha: A lot of people think that pleasure is taking a bubble bath, or buying yourself a diamond ring, or eating chocolate every night, or whatever the case may be.

Pleasure is simply being in the present moment, and like feeling so good in the present moment. That's how you know you're in deep pleasure, when you can be doing nothing and it almost brings you to tears because you just love so much.

So when you can be in this space of presence, the way that comes into business, if you're a coach, is you can really meet your clients where they need to be met. You can actually hear what it is that they're saying, without you being in your head thinking. All of that gets stripped away when you're in your pleasure.

Same thing with sensuality, sensuality is about being connected to all of your senses. Again, in the present moment, feeling so good. 


Rachael: I know for myself, the moments where I feel the most pleasure, it's like space and time dissolves, it's like this nothingness, but everything at the same time. And I feel it when I'm in nature, or when I'm, you know, just laughing and playing with my partner, I feel it on coaching calls, like those calls where you almost go into this vortex.


Receiving Money with Pleasure & Ease


I'd love for you to speak into how to tap into the essence and the energy of money. How would someone go about receiving money with more pleasure and ease? How do we get back into integrity with that pleasure with money?


Caprisha: So the way I look at it is, whenever there's like a dip in money or anything like that, it’s an invitation to step into my next level. It’s about having fun with that, like,

“Alright, I'm going into my next level? Well, let's freakin go! Let's do this! What do you need me to learn? Bring it on.”

Because that's all it is. That's really all it is. God, the universe, just needs you to embody something deeper, so you can have your desires. It's not that deep, and when we can get ourselves out of thinking that it's so deep. Us coaches who are more spiritual and who take our embodiment work very seriously, sometimes we can think like,

“Oh, God, I got to do more work. Oh, God, It's not working.”

Sometimes it's just time and space and patience. And just loosening the grip a little bit.

Sometimes we need a little bit more of that masculine structure. Are you doing all of the things that you need to be doing? Have you actually planned out what you're going to post? Have you actually looked at the numbers?

Because our brain technically needs things to hit, so that things can come into physical manifestation. If we don't know what we're going for then it can't be materialized.

I know for me personally, that was something hard for me to get. I used to think,

“No, I don't need all of this structure. I can just go do whatever I want.”

And this is why you need to know what kind of mentorship is good for you. So one of my mentors, she's more of like, the masculine structure systems. And she kind of grounds me back into that. So sometimes, it’s about actually creating a plan and a system and sticking to it.


Rachael: I resisted the structure for basically two years up until recently. I'd be like,

“no, I don't do that, I just flow with it.”

And now that I'm scaling I'm like, Huh? That shit doesn't work anymore, we're not flying by the seat of our pants anymore, we need structure, we need a plan. The reality is that strong structure that feels aligned is what supports our flowy feminine energy.


Caprisha: You hit the nail on the head.


Rachael: I think so many people talk about wanting more money. They talk about desiring higher income months. But then they don’t know where that money is gonna land? Understanding my money has been a huge, huge thing that I've been working on lately. I want to make sure that money trusts me. I don't need to just trust money, money also needs to trust me. 


Caprisha: Something that I talk to a lot of my clients about is expanding their container. So a lot of times, we'll say,

“Okay, I want to do 60k a month now.”

Well, is your container prepared for that? If $60,000 worth of clients were to come right now. Are you energetically ready for that kind of fame? For that level of clients? Are you ready?

And a lot of times, we're not.

So really do the work to feel safe. This is something I used to do. Let's say I'm doing 10k a month, I would want to go to 100k months, the next time. And what I realized was that I'm always wanting to keep myself in this fight or flight mode, so we self-sabotage by creating these crazy goals that our container, our system isn't ready to handle quite yet.


Rachael: That is very powerful. I’ve learned that we get addicted to our own suffering. It's like years of programming to be in fight or flight, and a lot of people are there, a lot of people are still there.


Being an Embodied Leader


Before we finish up, something I always ask anyone that comes on the podcast is, what does being an embodied leader mean to you? 


Caprisha: I'm very big on embodiment. Embodiment is again being in the present moment. What do I need today? Sometimes you might have this thought out plan, but you have to have this fine balance of,

“Can I push through this?” or “You know what, I need to take a day, get me together, there's some things that I need to journal on, I need to move through. And I'm going to do that.”

To me, that's what embodiment is, it’s getting in touch with your intuition and making sure it's your intuition and not the programming that's talking to you, trying to act like it's your intuition.

Having that fine balance of really understanding yourself takes time. I really want to stress that getting to this point takes time. We don't just wake up and then we're embodied. Embodiment takes time, patience, & practice every single day.

Whatever it is that you coach on, whatever it is that you teach on, making sure that you walk the walk, even when nobody's watching. 

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