Free 2.5 Hour Experience to Embody Your Iconic It Factor to Sign Dream Clients, Be Seen & Get Paid For Your Life Changing Work

Recorded On April 19th, 2024

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You’re Looking to…

  • Step into an embodied relationship with your self expression to elevate your leadership, create drool worthy content (aka your art) & sign dream clients who pay you with pleasure

  • Un-shame your undeniable inner knowing that you’re here to be known in big ways & create global impact through your body of work

  • Unclog the authenticity of your voice to get hired & paid for your life changing services in wildly nourishing ways by embodying your iconic it factor energy

  • Learn to cultivate a deeper relationship with the experience of being perceived so you can blow the roof off of any income ceilings & stop settling for less than what you know you’re made for

"Hello drool worthy opportunities, traveling the world doing what you love, speaking on stages, writing books, dream come true brand deals & working with the most *pinch me* clients"

During VOCAL VORTEX you’ll learn:

  • What it means to explore the full spectrum of your self expression to create sustainable & lasting success
  • What your self concept is & how it influences your relationship with your self expression, being seen, signing clients & being known in big ways for your life changing work
  • What your subconscious core commitments are, how specific unconscious needs are holding you back & how this all directly influence the level of success, wealth & impact that you desire to create in your business
  • What actually lies beneath the surface when it comes to fearing being seen or fearing success
  • Accessing your unapologetic expression & embodying your iconic it factor & how to change transform limiting patterns into deeply embodied personal power & influence
  • What your iconic it factor is & how to tap into it to sign dream clients, get hired & paid for your life changing work & embrace a deep level of fulfillment within your self expression & leadership

Followed by a guided breathwork & hypnosis journey to unleash your unapologetic voice to sign dream clients, get paid prosperously for your soul-led services & be seen in bigger ways than ever before

What You Need to Bring:

A quiet space to lay down uninterrupted
A Journal

About Your Facilitator:

What’s Up Gorgeous Soul, I’m Rachael Meeds!

I’m a Certified Global Coach, Facilitator & Consultant with over 7 years experience supporting courageous leaders in embodying their unapologetic expression to get hired & paid for their life changing work.

My expertise within the intricacies of self expression & embodied leadership takes a holistic approach to supporting people through the realms leadership development, breathwork, hypnosis & somatics. Through supporting 1000’s of people over the years, I’ve learned that who you are being on an identity level within your nervous system & subconscious imprinting, influences & impacts every facet of your leadership & the success you’re here to experience.

Your capacity to be perceived & known within your brave self expression is the doorway to the level of success, impact, opportunities, fame & freedom that you know you were made for. Because here’s the thing…more often than not, it’s not success or being seen that people are fearing full stop. It’s the fear of being rejected, having your character misrepresented, being judged or misunderstood & even the responsibility that lies within your true vision of success that you may be unconsciously avoiding. Which, as you can imagine, causes a lot of frustration & dissatisfaction when you know that you’re here to be known by many people, be a steward for wealth & have your body of work impact thousands of lives in a way that is wildly fulfilling & sustainable long term.

I always say that supporting people with their self expression isn’t just what I do, it’s a fundamental part of who I am. This is my Dharma, my purpose & my mission in the world. 

Embodying your Iconic It Factor is the key to embracing the reality where you’re hired by dream clients on repeat, you’re speaking on stages, writing best selling books, creating massive impact doing what you love the most, being known globally for your body of work, hosting retreats/events, experiencing *pinch me* opportunities & stepping into a reality where you’re not just making big money, but you’re embodied in soul-deep wealth from the inside out.

If you’re an entrepreneur, visionary leader or public figure who’s devoted to being seen in bigger ways than ever before & harnessing your brave voice to get hired & paid prosperously while becoming renowned for your life changing work, then you’re in the right place.

For me, for you, for all of us rising together, eye to eye, heart to heart & soul to soul

Together, we soar!

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