How to Gracefully Receive Support with Cynthia Davidson

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Today I am accompanied by a very amazing woman named Cynthia Davidson  (@intuitive_essentials).

We're going to be diving into a conversation around healing and elevating your mind, body, and spirit & receiving support as someone who's supporting others. It's going to be a really juicy combo.

Cynthia is a founder or is the founder of intuitive essentials.

She is a certified Emotion Code practitioner, Body Code Student, Human Design Pathfinder, and an incredible intuitive guide. She is amazing at providing tools to empower you to heal your mind, body, and spirit while living in more flow and ease.

In this blog, we’re going to cover:




Why is it important to receive support from other coaches & healers instead of doing it all on your own?



Welcome, I'm so excited to have you here.

As healers, we both know that having somebody to actually support you through the healing process is incredible. 

You and I both have supported one another, you were one of my clients, I've been one of your clients.

As somebody who is immersed in helping and serving others, why do you feel like it's so important to receive support from other coaches and healers instead of just trying to do it all on your own?



We think we know what we don't know, but, we really don't. We have blind spots when we’re in the middle of our stuff.

You can't see it all from an objective standpoint.

So it's so important to accept that support, to receive that support. Otherwise, you're going to miss something, you're going to end up looping around and having to do it all over again.

I am so guilty of doing this because I always return to this idea of how I have to be strong.

“I can do this on my own.”

“I don't need to burden anyone else with my troubles and my struggles, I can figure it out.

But inevitably, you're going to miss something, if you're not speaking to someone who's a bit more objective and outside of all your stuff, someone who cares for you and has your best interest at heart.

Leaning into that support is just game-changing.



Yeah, absolutely, there's a really beautiful opportunity to have somebody act almost like a flashlight that can shine light into the areas that are your blind spots.

Having someone there to help with the challenging areas of your life that you're aware of but are just avoiding giving a voice to or actually acknowledging because the act of doing that is very confronting.

A lot of the people in my space are premium coaches, people that are doing the work, they're creating amazing things for themselves.

And they oftentimes get caught up in these stories of:

“I should know this already.”

And, “I should know better.”

They're afraid that if they get the support for whatever they're struggling with, that all of a sudden, they're going to be judged by their clients or their audience for not having their shit together.

It takes a lot of courage to also be able to be vulnerable and open with the experiences you’re going through and not make it mean that you're not good enough, right?

Does that resonate with you?



Oh my gosh, it does so much.

And that's where I'm at right now, for the past couple of months I haven't had a coach, I’ve had an energetic mentor.

So even just being able to text her, tell her how I’m feeling, and ask if she’s ever felt that way before is deeply supportive.

She'll always respond and give me a sense of what to expect, or at least, what it was she went through.

It's so helpful not having to feel lonely in that experience. 


What comes up when considering support as a coach



I feel like with the type of work that we do in the realm of mindset, energy, embodiment support, a lot of people can sometimes avoid receiving that kind of support, because some think it’s easier to like hire a business coach or a marketing mentor.

While that is obviously extremely important and has so much value.

I think it takes a whole nother level of radical responsibility to work with someone to go deep within yourself.

It's more confronting than learning how to build a business because you actually have to take responsibility for what's happening in your life.



I'm so glad you said that.

I’ve done the things for the business to keep it moving forward. I have a whole plan mapped out for 2022, and what I need to do to get ramped up to the end of this year.

But I still felt like I feel like I'm missing something.

I always come back to whether I need to go and find a new mentor to get me through this stretch? Because I'm a little lost.

And saying that out loud can sometimes be very confronting and destabilizing.

It brings up this insecurity around not wanting people to know that I have this little gap going on.


I totally resonate, and these conversations are so important.

As you know, I do mindset, energy, & embodiment work.

And one of the edges that I've rubbed up against so often in my journey is needing help with the things I help people with.

That can feel so edgy.

So many of us have this ego that just wants to protect and not show face.

“If I'm talking about being confident in your business, my clients can't possibly know that I don't always feel confident.”

Even just in these conversations, and giving a voice to these things is how we dismantle this illusion of perfection, this idea that we have to arrive at some perfect destination.

We're all learning, we're doing the best we can, and forever meeting new parts of ourselves.

I recently just started working with a new business coach, and mindset coach, and all of a sudden, I was feeling so good, because I'm no longer pretending that I need to have it all together or have it all figured out.

I know that it doesn't actually take away from the magnitude of the support that I provide my clients or my capacity to hold them, it actually makes it more magnified, because I'm actually watering my garden and taking care of myself.



If you don't take care of yourself first, you can not take care of anyone else.

I have learned that the hard way.

It also helps to share that you are being like everyone else.

You don't have it all together all the time.

Having that vulnerability and being able to share and be open that way helps that much more.



Like you said, when you text your mentor asking if they’ve ever experienced something and they say yes, it helps you feel seen.

This person that you really admire who has something that you desire to embody also goes through this thing.

You're creating a level of deep humanness in the relationships as a practitioner coach with your clients as well. 


How to allow yourself to receive support



In this whole conversation, we've been kind of bouncing around the conversations of receiving support.

I'm curious, what would you say to somebody who's in a current season of their life where they intuitively know that they’re really needing and desiring support.

They're doing the thing, they're running their business, but they are at a point where they  know that it's time to receive support to elevate their mind, body and spirit to continue to support others in a very powerful way.

What would you say to that personin terms of allowing themselves to be supported?



I would say,

“What does it hurt?”

“What are you going to lose, versus what you'll gain?”

Open yourself up to trying. There are so many people who have some way for you to experience their enegy without making a huge investment up front.

There are also a variety of different modalities that aren't a huge investment.

The most important thing is being open to it, just trying something.

Personally, I find word of mouth best to find people.

The people that you engage with are usually going to be people who resonate with you, their energy vibes with you. And it's going to be really important for anyone you're doing this type of work with that you vibe with them. 



That's why it's so beautiful to follow those intuitive nudges when you feel that connection to someone's energy.

Then also taking that a step further, attune to your own intuition and recognize the fear that is getting in the way of you saying yes.

You can feel that intuitive nudge, it’s a very pure feeling. It's a yes or no, a very deep intuitive feeling in your body.

So often stories pop up, but that's so normal when we're about to make a decision that is going to shift who we are. Because our subconscious mind’s job is to keep us in what's safe and familiar.

And so when we're about to do something that will shift our current state, which is not in our current comfort zone, all of a sudden our ego pops up, telling us it's actually not what we need.

At the same time, our deep, Higher Self part of us guides us towards the shift.

Trust that guidance and make sure that you're open and willing to just try, show up and do different things differently.



And if it doesn't work, you always can try something else.


Recognizing the lessons received through support, even when they are different than expected


Rachael Fisher:

Sometimes what people think is not working, actually is medicine in itself.

You might work with somebody thinking you’re gonna make some amount of money, or achieve some goal.

But meanwhile, there's actually medicine in not receiving what you anticipated.

Your soul actually guided you to that person, to that thing.

There was medicine in that even if you can't conceive it.

I have had this conversation so many times, even with myself.

I finished whatever it was that I was doing, thinking that I didn’t get what I needed, and then  spirit comes through and is like,

“No Rach, you got exactly what you needed. You thought it was gonna be something else, but this is what it is.”

This is where you get to be grateful, regardless of what the lesson or teaching was. 



I’m grateful that has happened to me more times than not in the past year or so.

I'm like, “Whoa, that wasn't the lesson I thought I was learning, but thank you.”



Yes, exactly.

This really is such a beautiful thing that we get to invite into life in general.

We don't always get what we want, but we do sometimes get exactly what we need, even if it's the most confronting thing in the world.

Anytime we're investing in working with a coach, a mentor, or a healer, there may be situations where someone was really out of integrity.

But even then there was a lesson you got reinvigorated back into your power.

Nothing is an accident.

I think that that can be really tricky to talk about.

There have been times in my life where I've had to be like,

“Rachael, listen, everything is happening as it should be, everything's happening for a reason.”

There have been other periods of my life where hearing that sounded like such bullshit.

But when you start to just listen to those higher parts of you, when you connect with God or source, whatever word resonates, you start to see that your soul chose this timeline even though it's maybe really really, really hard and not good.

It's happening for a reason in some way, shape, or form.



Yes. I'm learning one of those tough lessons right now.

I chose what I'm going through.

I'm learning now as it goes, because the tougher lessons I'm also finding are the ones where you're kind of veiled.

You don't always see.

And I think that may be on purpose so that you don't run screaming the other direction to look back at it another time.



Oh my gosh, yes. It's so true. 

If you fully knew what was gonna happen, you’d probably just dart the other way and run away.

You just take it day by day, you learn as you go, and you start to see that you can choose the lens you see out of while holding space for the very real human emotions that happen when we're having hard times.

Because it's not about the bypassing of those emotions, it's about what we do after experiencing them.

This has been such a beautiful conversation.



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