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You ready to create unfuckwithable self trust & tap into your unapologetic expression?

Drop into this delicious vision for a min…

You wake up & rise each day with so much ease & excitement in your belly. Gratitude floods your body with what a gift it is that you’re not only supporting such epic humans all over the world through your work, but that you’re also so beyond words supported by money. Hot damn does it ever feel good to be rich & relaxed

You flow through your day feeling so embodied in your unique brilliance & self trust. When fresh ideas for your services & creations pour into your consciousness, you take aligned action with passion & make moves with so much confidence cause, "Hell YES! You see YOU."

You understand how to be & move with the wide range of sensations that happen as you’re growing & evolving within your business. You know how to regulate your nervous system so that your capacity to receive more money & clients, & create more impact in the world, expands just as easily as your belly rises when you take a deep breath.

You’ve liberated your expression & are overflowing in your unapologetic radiance as you show up boldly & bravely online, & in the spaces you cultivate. No more dimming your light, holding back, or waiting…it’s your turn right here, right now. "Look at you thrivin’, YUM."

You feel so much ecstatic energy coursing through your body as you witness the legacy you’re building, the lives you’re impacting, & the heaps of testimonials pouring in thanking you. You see how present you feel as you enjoy your beautiful life outside of your business, & how your sacred YES to your vision has not only transformed your reality but continues to crack open the door for others to rise alongside you. And Holy Shit does it ever feel like one of the greatest gifts you’ve ever been given.

Oooouf, can you feel it?

How we’ll be flowin’ through this 90 minute journey together… 

5-10 minutes for the opening ceremony to get grounded into the space together

20 minutes of ecstatic dance & an embodiment practice where I guide you in embodying your unapologetic expression & connect with what it feels like to deeply trust yourself, your vision & life

40 minutes of hypnosis centred around creating an embodied sense of self trust, security within your relationship with money, & liberation within how you express yourself as you show up in your business & leadership this year. Where your body & mind will become fully onboard with the impact, financial overflow, business success & life you're here to experience.

As an entrepreneur & leader, your embodiment, emotional intelligence, ability to self regulate, & how deeply you trust yourself influences & impacts every aspect of your life & business

Your nervous system’s capacity is what cultivates the space for the clients, money & business that you truly desire. It’s the gatekeeper to your body’s ability & capacity to allow in the delicious chapter of leadership you’re envisioning

"The modalities used in this 90 minute journey have been some of the greatest catalysts to my healing, liberation & learning to be in relationship with a pleasurable, fulfillment focused life & business."

Ecstatic dance is about liberated expression, where your body shows your mind what desires to be expressed, what wants to flow, & what needs to move. 

It’s an opportunity to awaken & become embodied in your senses.

  • Where you’re invited to come fully alive in your power, your brilliance & allow your intuition to be expressed through each breath & movement
  • Where the rest of the world seems to melt away & you enter a state of deep presence within your own temple

It’s a moving meditation, where your mind can soften & the spontaneity of your soul enters a state of freedom.

There’s no need for perfection, for things to look a certain way, or for you to even consider yourself to be a “dancer”. It’s anything & everything you decide it to be. Going deeper & deeper into a trance-like state where deep healing can take place as a result of your own intrinsic nature.

You are the magic. You are your own healer. The movement is the medicine to support you in remembering your wholeness.

The cost of this experience is: $55 USD

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What I recommend to prepare:

  • Make sure you’re in a space where you can fully let go. That may mean making sure the blinds are closed, your door is shut, & you are able to literally dance like nobody's watching. I may encourage you to make sounds during the journey so if someone else will be home, it could be relieving to just let them know what you’ll be doing so that you can give yourself full permission to express & so that you won’t be disturbed
  • I encourage you to use Bluetooth headphones if you have them. If you don’t, make sure to hook your computer up to a speaker so that you can turn up the volume & get into it. Headphones are ideal for the hypnosis portion of this experience as well.
  • Make sure that you are in a space where you have room to dance & move. If you’re anything like me, you may find that you’ll want to close your eyes as you journey so make sure you set up your space in such a way that you can avoid injury

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