Here’s what you’re really after: wild, bold, brave, & curious one...

🔥You’re an entrepreneur/visionary leader who is a goddamn firecracker. The type of person who is creating such a potent ripple effect of impact in the world that you’re no stranger to people flooding your DM’s with “THANK YOU” for the brilliant work you are facilitating in the world. Oooouf, & those testimonials you receive from your clients, WOW…how amazing is it to know that the work you do is helping people change their lives, & deeply transform who they are being in their life?

🧡There’s something that comes so wildly alive within you the moment you sit down at your computer to create the content, & programs you put into the world. It pours out of you effortlessly as your expression cracks wide open to creating the type of experiences for people that sell like hotcakes. People LOVE to pay you (oooo, YES, how good does that feel to know, say & feel?). This isn’t just business to you…this is a channel for the expression of your purpose

☄️You’re in a place where you’re so lit up by unleashing the depth & authenticity of your voice & unique magic. You’re no stranger to creating fiery valuable content, & potent AF programs that truly change lives. You’re the person who your clients KNOW they can always count on you to keep it real…& yet there is something deeper within you desiring to be liberated even further. A chapter of unapologetic power where you ooze magnetism & magic. Because let’s face it, the impact you’re here to create is calling you forward to embrace your truth in expansive ways

💥There’s something within you that knows it’s time to enter an elevated relationship with yourself where you feel so at home within who you are that every inch of your life starts to reflect back to you the depth of “I see myself, I know myself, & I love myself” that you feel each day your feet kiss the earth when you rise in the morning

😍This chapter is called: “MY TURN”. True embodied confidence, unfuckwithable self trust, getting paid to exist (hell yes money LOVES to be around you), where you make bold, brave moves towards what sets your soul on fire from a knowingness that getting what you desire is your normal, & that fuck yes you know how to hold the wide range of sensations/experiences that come with being a leader running a global brand

During this 90 minute 1:1 coaching/mentoring session we will take a deep dive into a specific area of your leadership, business, relationship with yourself and/or life that you are seeking support with.

I value you, & your commitment to your vision.

Together we rise eye to eye, heart to heart & soul to soul.

Choose Your Investment Option 🧡

Pay in Full

$777 USD

One Payment

90 Min Breakthrough Session
Plus 3 days of Voxer coaching support after your session


Payment Plan

$388.50 USD

Two Bi-Weekly Payments

90 Min Breakthrough Session
Plus 3 days of Voxer coaching support after your session


My name is Rachael Meeds

I’m a Certified Global Coach, Facilitator & Mentor. I'm an identity upgrade expert for visionary leaders. creatives, & established entrepreneurs who are creating big impact in the world

I specialize in embodiment, somatics, subconscious reprogramming, breathwork, leadership development, mindset, nervous system strategy/resiliency/support, & energetics. I’ve been coaching for over 6 years, in business now for over 5 years. I’ve built a multiple 6 figure brand while supporting deeply incredible, & influential people

This 90 minute session is for you if you are seeking a next-level, high-touch, laser focused, & personalized coaching/mentoring experience

Big Love!